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"GEOING MK" offers complete services in the following areas:

• Geotechnical and hydrogeological investigation works
• Modern up to date geotechnical laboratory
• Investigation works for enviromental protection, EIA, soil pollution/remediation works
• Monitoring of settlements/horizontal movements of constructions and retaining walls
• IN SITU field tests with CPTu ( Cone Penetration Test) with Memocone
• IN SITU field test with Marchetti’s Seizmic Dilatometer ( SDMT)
• Application of wire-line method for core drilling for deep boreholes
• Geophysical field investigation works with geoelectric, reflection and refraction methods   


• Project –design for protection of construction pits, diaphragm walls with secant piles, anchors etc
• Project design for retaining walls, slope stability, slope stability protection for rock, and landslide remediation
• Project design for special foundations and soil improvment with application of steel reinforced concrete piles, micropiles, gravel piles and etc.
• Project design for large scale infrastructural projects and industrial projects for water supply and water wells
• Geotechnical engineering and consulting 


• Execution and implementation of projects for protection of construction pits, landslide remediation, retaining walls and slope stability with application of piles, diaphragm walls, anchors, micro piles etc.
• Implementation of special foundation projects with piles diameter from 600-1,500mm
• Implementation of special foundation projects with application of gravel piles with hydraulic compaction
• Implementation of special foundation projects with use of pre casted concrete, wooden and steel piles/sheets through the vibro-plate method
• Execution of deep and shallow wells for water supply, dewatering and other purposes
• Execution of horizontal drilling under roads, embankments, railroads etc.
• Execution of large scale dewatering of construction pits, working shafts etc.

Brochures for "Projects" and "Technical Equipment" 

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