About Geoing MK

Since 1990 GEOING MK has been identified by its clients as the partner for complete geotechnical solutions, in the segments of geotechnical and hydrogeological investigation works, geotechnical project design, execution and implementation of special foundations, protection of construction pits, slope stability/landslide remediation, retaining walls and water wells.

GEOING MK since 1990

GEOING at the beginning

The company GEOING MK doo was founded in 1990 by Hristo Gjorgjevski, who as previous experience in the activity includes work in the Civil Engineering Institute of Vojvodina, Subotica in the period from 1972-1975 in the department of geotechnics under the supervision of Dr. Dusan Milovic (member of the then Academy of Sciences of Yugoslavia).
During that period he has completed 136 projects which include: residential and residential buildings in Subotica, Backa Topola and Sombor, bridges, factories and other industrial facilities, roads and highways, complete geotechnical investigations of the MPP E-75 highway, section Subotica-border Hungary and numerous silos for up to 5,000 wagons.
In the period from 1975-1990, Mr. Gjorgjevski worked at the Civil Engineering Institute Macedonia, starting as an engineer and advancing to the head of the geotechnics department and finally to the Technical Director of the Institute. In that period he is involved and implements more than 600 projects throughout Macedonia, Kosovo, Montenegro and Serbia.
As an excerpt from the reference projects in that period we would single out the complete city settlement Aerodrom, Skopje and Novo Lisice, Skopje, Daljan and Ohridati, Ohrid, Sunny Beach, Novi Pazar and numerous other projects in Pristina, Kotor, Budva, Sutomore, Chan and other locations. We would also mention the major geotechnical investigations of REK Bitola, Oslomej and Negotino as well as numerous other facilities 

GEOING today

GEOING MK doo is a family business that has been operating for 30 years in the field of geotechnical and hydrogeological research works and design and construction of protection of deep construction pits, landslide repairs, construction of supporting bodies and water supply wells. The annual average volume in the last 3-4 years includes work on 80-120 projects per year, so that in the work so far, GEOING MK has performed more than 1,300 projects of research and construction character.
In addition to research geotechnical works, GEOING MK specializes in the field of soil improvement, as well as foundations based on gravel or reinforced concrete piles.
In 1999, GEOING MK protected patented solutions for construction of supporting bodies on a system of single-row and double-row reinforced concrete wells and construction of gravel piles through hydraulic compaction.
In its 30 years of existence, GEOING MK has built an image of a highly specialized company that is an expert in geotechnical research and construction works for weak soils and as a company that designs and executes projects optimal in economic terms that simultaneously meet all safety and security criteria, giving the best. value for money ‚ÄĚtechnical-construction solutions in this activity.
The company is equipped with its own basic equipment for performing the activity which include 12 drilling machines of different types, 3 modified excavators and properly trained and prepared technical-engineering staff to perform the works that make up the core business of the company.